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Who is this lady?




Singer-Songwriter. Chameleon. Her tender voice and her combination of jazz, folk, pop, and blues will leave you pleasantly astounded. Danielle Allard has been performing publicly for over 15 years and graced stages across Canada and Europe. After a tour of Germany and Portugal last year, Allard featured on the main stage at Ottawa's CityFolk Festival and performed a showcase at the annual Folk Music Ontario conference. Her other festival appearances include performances at RBC Bluesfest, Marvest, and the Ottawa Jazz Festival. She has also been a featured performer at festivals outside of the city, performing in Toronto’s TwimFest and Calabogie’s Mountain Man Music Festival. Her highly-anticipated third album, Passing Notes, was released in May 2018. She is known for her charity work in the nation’s capital, donating over 30 performances to various charities each year. Apart from her music, she is a community builder, teaching public relations and marketing at Algonquin College and working with local emerging artists and entrepreneurs in social media marketing and business strategy.


- - -


Hi. My name is Danielle.

My first words were in song-form.

I began performing publicly at the age of 3; singing publicly at the age of 9.

This path took me to the Canterbury Music Program, which changed my life.

I fell in love with the sound of a steel string guitar at 14.

I finally found a way to put my stream-of-consciousness thinking to good use.

I began writing songs.


I like to keep busy.

Music fills most of my evenings.

During the day I teach at the local college and manage communication for an organization I adore.

Sometimes I teach rhythm guitar and vocal techniques to students.

Sometimes I just work as a consultant to help other emerging artists dive into the insanity that is any cultural industry. This comes mostly in the form of social media marketing and grant writing tips.

Sometimes I sleep...and eat...but often forget.


If you made it this far...thanks for reading. Here is some fun stuff:




Why do you play music?


Music is very personal. From a young age music became my escape. As I grew, it increasingly became a way to connect with people. At first, it was the opportunity to connect to others…specifically to fellow musicians. Then it became this beautiful opportunity to connect with everyone through song-writing.


Music is still the thing that saves me and I won’t ever be able to stop.


Everyone has a favourite animal. We noticed you have an awful lot of owl…things. Does that make owls your favourite animal?


One fateful day, I received an owl necklace as a gift. The owl gifts have increased exponentially as a result of this…but I have embraced it using the hashtag #keeptheowlmythalive. If I had to choose a favourite animal, it would be this guy.


What is the most indispensable item in your studio?


For work purposes, my Hawley guitar <3 For fun purposes, my electric kazoo.


You began performing at a very young age. Did you know you wanted to grow up to become a touring musician?


On the contrary, I wanted to be a brontosaurus.


What are you currently working on?


I am currently promoting my third album entitled Passing Notes. After the release of my second full-length album Chameleon, I had the opportunity to tour Canada twice and am so grateful to have also toured internationally with this project. I am so happy to have you join me on this adventure and hope you connect with me on social media to be a part of the journey.