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Danielle has released three studio albums, two of which are solo endeavours. Currently writing and recording three additional albums, you can support her journey through Patreon and stay tuned for new releases.


INVADER is out October 22. You can support the promotion of this album & the recording of the next by joining myself and this incredible LIST OF PATRONS there and being a part of the whole process.

Want a physical copy? You can only pre-order them until October 22! 

Passing Notes

Passing Notes, my most recent studio release is a 5 track EP recorded at Audio Valley Recording Studio. It is available to download and stream!

Thank Yous

I've been fortunate to find support in the most unlikely places. So much of my music exists through the kindness of patrons, professionals in industry, and gear endorsements. Below is a list of businesses I'd love for you to support the way they've supported me! I've also included a gear list made possible through your generosity & our 2021 wrap up. All of this happened because of you.


My first solo release, this full-length studio album, recorded at Gallery Studio is available for download and streaming!

Lyrics & Chord Charts

I am honoured that over 45 fellow musicians have covers of my tunes in their songlist. Looking for lyrics or chord charts to play along with my music? They are all available on Ultimate Guitar!

Soon to Be Recorded Livestream Releases

We've been celebrating big journey milestones with new original tunes. We record the video to be shared on Youtube and the audio is saved on Patreon. You can listen to the demo versions here and join a stream sometime to witness a live writing session.

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  • Bandcamp
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In the Media:

Music Equipment

"Allard, who began experimenting with livestreaming a year ago, learned that a planned 6 a.m. set would be featured on Twitch’s home page — the equivalent of prime-time TV promotion...By the end, she was tearful and seemed nearly delirious with joy. Her stream, which usually gets a few hundred watchers at a time, brought in 408 new subscribers and 1,659 followers, sending her over the 10,000 mark."